Report: Mass Effect on hiatus, BioWare Montreal transitioning to a support studio

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson expressed confidence in BioWare during an earnings call yesterday, and said that the decision to push back its new, as-yet-unannounced project into the next fiscal year was not a reflection of the relatively cool response to Mass Effect: Andromeda. Today, however, Kotaku reported that developer BioWare Montreal is being transitioned to a “support studio,” with a number of its employees moving to the Jade Raymond-led EA Motive, while the Mass Effect series itself has been put “on hiatus.” 

To be clear, this does not mean layoffs, but rather a reallocation of resources. EA Motive is working on Star Wars Battlefront 2, obviously a major project, while BioWare Montreal’s reduced responsibilities—Kotaku said it will “help support” the development of games at other EA studios, including the big mystery game at BioWare Edmonton, and also continue to patch and support Mass Effect: Andromeda—means that it simply doesn’t need as many staffers as it did when it was making its own triple-A game.    

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