Results from Shelby County’s Business Outlook Survey released

SHELBY CO., Ala. (WBRC) – What does it take to not only find good candidates, but retain them?

Dozens of Shelby County business owners shared their thoughts on business issues affecting Shelby County businesses in 2023.

The findings of the survey were presented at the 8th Annual Business Outlook Conference, and one of the main topics of conversation around the findings was the talent challenge.

Employers are looking at what it takes to grow and retain existing employees, not just hire them.

The survey shows that communication is one of the missing elements that employees and employers need.

Employers sometimes forget that they need to tell their employees what they expect of them, rather than just expecting them to know what to do.

Dr. Amiee Mellon, interim dean of the University of Montevallo Stevens College of Business, said the purpose of the study is to start conversations and work with managers and employees to find solutions.

“What’s the big question on people’s minds right now? It might be employee retention,” Dr. Mellon said. “So I’m going to show you these different opportunities and opportunities for profit that can start a conversation, and show you how we can work together to make these things happen.”

Other topics that emerged from the survey included benefits, costs, Shelby County’s economic direction, and educational resources.

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