Sen. David LaFountain: Heating relief the first act of business in Augusta

In the dead of winter in Maine, many people across the state are struggling to stay warm as home heating and energy costs skyrocket. We have heard about the needs of the United States and are proud that Congress has provided relief in a bipartisan manner.

This is a very important piece of legislation that we must pass and it has set a hopeful tone as I begin my term as your State Senator. Signed Law LD 3, Relief Program. One of the bill’s biggest provisions is to send $450 relief checks to more than 800,000 Maine taxpayers. Individuals whose 2021 state tax return income is less than her $100,000 and married couples whose income is less than her $200,000 are eligible for relief.

LD 3 includes significant funding for the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and Emergency Fuel Assistance administered by community action agencies such as the Kennebec Valley Community Action Program. Please contact KVCAP at 207-622-4761 to determine if you are eligible for these benefits. Additionally, the package will boost funding for the Emergency Housing Relief Fund to keep Mayners at home this winter. Learn more about the full relief package here.

If you have any questions about eligibility or anything related to this Relief Program, please contact us. Call my legislature at (207) 287-1515 or email me. [email protected].

No one likes the cold. Others use dangerous methods to heat their homes, such as using ovens, old heaters, or fireplaces that haven’t been used in 50 years. As a former Chief of the Waterville and Winslow Fire Departments, I know firsthand the dangers of heating your home in an unsafe manner.

I represented you and ran for the Senate to get things done for our community. is not. In fact, it’s just the beginning. Addressing the root cause of the problem at hand is one of my top priorities. I will always stand up for the people of the Northern Kennebec Valley region. That’s what I’ve done throughout my career as a civil servant.

At the beginning of this session, the allocation of the Legislative Commission was announced. I am pleased to announce that I have been appointed Chairman of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commission. I look forward to working with this Commission to ensure that people can enjoy our precious land and natural resources for generations to come.

I am also announcing that I will be a member of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Commission. Having served public safety as a fire chief, airport operations staff, and working with state agencies on missing person searches and aggressive shooter response, I am honored to be a part of this committee. .

During this session, the public will have the opportunity to share their thoughts directly with legislators through the hearing process. He has three ways of sharing his views. Submit your written testimony in person at the Capitol, remotely via Zoom, or online. For more information on how to participate in the legislative process, please visit

If you have any questions, questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. My office is here to serve the good people of the 16th Senate. If you encounter an issue with a state agency, you may have questions about the law or anything else that may arise.

Dave Lafountain, a Democrat from Winslow, is serving his first term in the Maine Senate.

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