Sidus Space Expands Commercial Data Distribution Strategy Through Agreement with SkyWatch

Cape Canaveral, FL–(business wire)–Sidus Space, Inc. (NASDAQ:SIDU) (“Sidus” or the “Company”) is a Space We are an -as-a-Service company. Data Collection today announced that it has entered into an agreement with SkyWatch for the use of its TerraStream data management platform.

The deal is expected to accelerate the expansion of Sidus’ commercial data distribution strategy. This includes white labeling data for our existing customers and facilitating the growth of new data customers. Acting as a major contributor to the space data market, the deal is expected to generate additional revenue for the company and attract customers who may otherwise not have been associated with Sidus.

The TerraStream platform provides end-to-end data management and distribution capabilities for satellite operators, providing an accelerated path to growing revenue and new markets through SkyWatch’s remote sensing platform, EarthCache. By leveraging TerraStream, costly IT infrastructure is no longer required, allowing Sidus to provide cost-effective access to space-based data and fulfill its mission of ‘Bringing Space to Earth™’. can. Looking ahead, Sidus expects its revenue mix to include a variety of users and industries. Specifically, an increase in remote sensing data customers and analytics subscriptions.

“A key part of our business plan has always included high-impact data monetization to gain insights on virtually every sector of commerce. This agreement represents an important milestone in that journey as we prepare to move forward,” said Carol Craig. , founder and CEO of Sidus Space. “We believe Sidus is well positioned to capitalize on the growing demand as new customers and industries begin to understand how space-based data will impact their business strategies.”

The maiden flight of Sidus’ multi-mission satellite constellation, LizzieSat-1, is scheduled to launch into a medium-inclined low orbit in 2023 from Cape Canaveral, Florida. LizzieSat-1 provides clients and consumers with mission-based data focused on climate change, shipping industry activity, and other commercially relevant concerns.

SkyWatch Chief Technology Officer Joel Cumming said: “We share a mission to make Earth observation and remote sensing data more accessible to solve critical problems, and we look forward to working with the team at Sidus to continue this important work. I am doing it.”

About Sidus Space

Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, Sidus Space (NASDAQ: SIDU) operates in a 35,000 square foot manufacturing, assembly, integration and test facility focused on commercial satellite design, manufacturing, launch and data acquisition. . The company’s rich heritage includes the design and manufacture of many flight and ground components and systems for various space-related customers and programs. Sidus Space offers a wide range of Space-as-a-Service products, including space-qualified hardware manufacturing, design engineering, satellite manufacturing and platform development, launch and support services, data analysis services, and satellite constellation management.

Sidus Space has a mission of Bringing Space Down to Earth™ and a vision to deliver on new technology spaceflight heritage status while providing data and predictive analytics to domestic and global customers. With Sidus Space’s rapidly scalable, low-cost satellite services, space-based solutions, and testing alternatives, any company, industry, or vertical can begin its journey beyond Earth. More than just a “Satellite-as-a-Service” provider, Sidus Space is your trusted mission partner from concept to low earth orbit and beyond. Sidus is ISO 9001:2015, AS9100 Rev. D certified and ITAR registered.

About Skywatch

SkyWatch’s mission is to make earth observation and remote sensing data accessible worldwide. Hundreds of trillions of pixels on our planet are captured from space every day. Leveraging the team’s past experience in space data aggregation software, we are building an infrastructure to connect satellite data operators and application developers. The company said he raised US$17.2 million in Series B in 2021, and he is expected to double over the next 18 months. For more information, please visit

About Terrastream

TerraStream is SkyWatch’s automated data delivery platform for earth observation data providers that is more functional, more capital efficient, and faster to deploy than custom builds. A cost-effective way to monetize your data and increase your market reach, the TerraStream platform includes custom processing, image normalization, data hosting, task management, opportunity analysis, and a robust API suite. .

Forward-Looking Statements

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