Skyrim mod Wyrmstooth returns, years after being deleted

After being taken offline in 2016 when its creator Jonx0r retired from modding, the popular expansion-sized Skyrim mod Wyrmstooth has returned. Jonx0r has uploaded a new version of Wyrmstooth, and apparently returned to the modding scene.

Wyrmstooth adds a fully voiced new questline, set after the events of Skyrim’s main story, in which the Dragonborn is hired to defeat a dragon that is harassing the ships of the East Empire Company. Your job is to assemble a team of mercenary companions and travel to the island of Wyrmstooth, which features a variety of sidequests and a gigantic dungeon. To promote the updated version of the mod, Jonx0r made a trailer using text-to-speech software trained on several of the familiar voices of Skyrim.

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