Slay the Spire adds Face Trader event, new Shop Relics and neat UI adjustments

Last week, Slay the Spire added a third game mode and cracked one million copies sold. This week, the roguelike deck-builder adds a new Face Trader feature, five new Shop Relics and Relic Overflow Paging—the latter of which improves how multiple Relics are displayed at once. It now packs up to 25 relics per page. Which, in the heat of a game, is a lot of Relics. 

Let’s start with that. Developer Mega Crit says Relics were difficult to identify when “people were having fun testing the game’s limits”. As such, in order to maintain a “reasonable” hitbox, Relics no longer shrink as more are added to your deck. Instead, players can now page through relics, and reduced spacing means 25 reclics can now fit into a single page. That looks like this:

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