Small business owners torch gas stove ban as ‘blanket’ policy: It ‘isn’t for everyone’

After an uproar this week over a proposal by the Biden administration to remove gas appliances, small business owners in Wisconsin warned that the regulator’s move could cost lives in America’s coldest region. .

“We live in a small town of 2,500 people right next to town, and we have a huge lot 40 miles from our local grocery store. We had a power outage, but luckily people had gas fireplaces in their homes and they were able to use the fireplaces for heating for up to three days.” & Friends Weekend” Sunday.

Holly and Brian have operated a store in Hayward, Wisconsin, since 2000, and they say the federal government is already trying to pass legislation aimed at curbing the use of wood stoves. The couple are now opposing a possible nationwide ban on gas stoves.

The Biden administration sparked an uproar over gas stoves last week after the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) commissioner suggested regulators were considering banning gas stoves over health and safety concerns. Recent reports from the World Health Organization and the World Health Organization Environmental Protection Agency It suggests that carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions from gas stoves can cause cardiovascular problems, cancer and other health conditions.

Consumer watchdog ‘Don’t come to anyone’s gas stove’

The White House announced Wednesday Biden does not support ban on a gas stove.

At Fox & Friends on Sunday, January 15, 2023, Northwoods Stove & Fireplace owners Brian and Holly Duffy spoke out against the proposal to ban gas stoves over health and safety concerns. policy,” he said. (Getty Images)

Business owners Holly and Brian said the Biden administration would “dare” them to spend the winter in Hayward.

“We left home a month ago. My daughter was home and the house had three gas fireplaces. There was no power and the house was kept at 70 degrees. But I ‘s electric refrigerator didn’t work.She had to throw everything out.I’ll serve food,” Brian explained. “And the people who are doing well in Booney, if you want to call it that, they have no fever and no one to come help.”

They also expressed concern about housing subdivisions being built in the city of Madison, where there are no gas lines.

“I think it’s wrong,” said Holly. “I am reminded of inclusive policies. Across the United States, we are all different… I mean, the COVID vaccine isn’t for everyone. Well, electricity isn’t for everyone.”

Approximately 35% of US homes use gas stoves, and the Energy Information Administration estimates that more than 40 million Americans use gas stoves.

The White House previously issued a statement to Fox Business, saying, “Under the leadership of President Biden, natural gas production is at an all-time high and is expected to continue to grow.”


Faced with questions from reporters on Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Carine Jean-Pierre added that the CPSC is an independent agency and that the White House “has not been in contact with them on this particular issue.” .

“The president does not support a ban on gas stoves, nor does the independent Consumer Product Safety Commission ban gas stoves,” she said.

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Chris Pandolfo and Andrew Murray of FOX Business contributed to this report.

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