Smaller teams make for better matches in Cold War’s new Dropkick mode

Since Warzone and Cold War merged in December, it’s been a busy time for Call of Duty fans. The best Cold War guns have found their way into Warzone, and the battle pass integration has seen me flitting between them as new content releases. This week, it’s Cold War’s turn with a beefy mid-season update.

It’s been just under a month since Call of Duty: Cold War Season 1 began, but we’re already entering its ‘Reloaded’ phase. There’s a new multiplayer map, a shiny new sword to unlock, and fresh Zombies content that anyone can dive into for free until January 21. However, the mode that kept me playing into the early hours of the morning today was Dropkick. These frenzied 6v6 matches challenge teams to fight over a tiny briefcase in an attempt to hold onto it long enough to unlock some launch codes for a nuke.

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