Snoop Dogg’s stream has been muted for a week and his fans can’t tell him

Update: Well, looks like Snoop got his stream working again. His buddy Hollywood Gene hopped on for a brief five minutes yesterday to quickly test the microphone and game audio, and it all seems to be running smoothly again.

Gene says the reason for the silent streams is apparently because Twitch had muted Snoop while he was live for playing music while he voice-chatted with his friends. “Dogg was talking to his chat and he had music playing, so then Twitch muted the stream,” he told the Twitch chat. “The stream is completely fine. This is Dogg’s room, and he was talking to his buddies, so don’t worry about it, there’s nothing wrong. He doesn’t stream to entertain you guys, it’s like a backstage pass—you guys get to hang out, see what he’s doing.” 

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