Snowbirds bring seasonal business to area RV parks

bay street. LOUIS, Mississippi (WLOX) – Campground business like Bay Hideaway on St. Louis Bay is booming this time of year. It comes from people visiting warm places to escape the winter temperatures.

Bay Hide Away has many regular customers who travel every winter to escape the cold. These travelers are also known as snowbirds.

“We’re escaping the cold. We don’t need to go anywhere in the tropics, but we just want to get away from the snow. It’s a beautiful day. It means it’s sunny and very warm here,” said Irene the Snowbird. Taylor said

Owner Lea Taylor talks a lot about her guests. She and her husband owned this campground long before she traveled in an RV.

“RV-ing gives you the opportunity to see an entire country. A lot of people don’t realize how vast the United States is. will be,” said Taylor.

Snowbirds start arriving in November and most stay until April. They play an important role in the coastal economy.

“Snowbirds bring a lot to our community. Outside of our parks, they probably spent about $500,000 on trips to dinner, casinos and other attractions. We thought it was having an economic effect, and it’s really nice to be able to get that influx,” Taylor said.

Guests at Bay Hide Away tell WLOX that they enjoy the location because of the amenities, such as the pool, fireplace pavilion, and daily activities conducted by the owner.

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