Some small business remain open during storm

Bismarck, North Dakota (KFYR) – Winter weather leaves many people covered in snow. For small businesses, severe winter weather can leave stores without customers.

Doors are unlocked and sidewalks are shoveled in front of many stores in downtown Bismarck. No customers except for one important detail missing.

Stella’s D’Arcie Malsam said:

Brenda Ternes hasn’t seen her client yet on Tuesday. However, she was busy last weekend with customers making purchases before the storm.

Brenda Ternes, owner of Brenda Ternes’ Downtown General Store, said she heard people say, “If a storm hits, we have to get the job done quickly.”

The store may not be full of customers which does not mean there is nothing to do. Like packing online orders.

“Even on snowy days, we always do a lot.

Both companies hope their holiday season sales won’t be affected by the storm. Once the roads are cleared they expect business as usual.

“If people aren’t going out, don’t want to go out, or are afraid to drive, of course it affects us,” says Malsam.

Both businesses typically serve 30+ customers per day.

Both businesses hope to be open on Wednesdays weather permitting.

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