Star Citizen 3.0’s planetary landing blows No Man’s Sky away

This week at Gamescom, Roberts Space Industries showed off version 3.0 of Star Citizen, introducing the game’s planetary tech. For backers playing Star Citizen in its 2.4 or 2.5 versions, they begin on a space station, and they can cruise around together in some spiffy-looking spaceships, but it’s mostly about combat, with a limited sandbox component as well. 3.0, which is coming towards the end of this year, brings the first proper star system in Star Citizen to life, and is a major step towards making this universe feel like a gigantic backdrop.

Within this system, there are four big planets, a smaller planet, space stations and moons, where you can apparently trade, haul cargo or partake in piracy. In this demo, I’m shown the journey from the space station of Port Olisar to a planet called Delamar, with an accompanying crew consisting of developers on the game. While I’m told there’ll be a range of missions in this update, some with more templated elements, there are also scripted and voice-acted story missions. Here, we’re shown a story mission offered by a guy called Miles Eckhart via a video log, where he invites the viewer to the settlement of Levski on Delamar to take a private security job. 

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