State College Locals Bring Hand-Crafted Charcuterie Board Business To Centre County

Few people say they got their business idea from a girls’ night out with friends, but for Heather Heverly and Sarah Ehrlich, a seemingly ordinary do-it-yourself charcuterie board activity sparked the idea of ​​creating their own business. I put on

Ahhmazing Graze was created to bring takeout-style charcuterie boxes and grazing tables to the State College area. Heverly, a Penn State University graduate and preschool teacher, and Ehrlich, a longtime nurse at Mount Nittany Medical Center, started their handmade charcuterie business in November 2021.

“After trying the charcuterie board for a girls’ night out, I was amazed at how well it turned out and decided to give it a try,” says Ehrlich.

The name Ahhmazing Graze comes from the pair wanting to incorporate “grazing” into their name as the whole idea of ​​the business came from making grazing boxes. But they also wanted people to know how ‘amazing’ their product was, hence the name ‘Ahhmazing Graze’.

The two soon began gaining interest in the area and after experimenting with their charcuterie box designs, received enough positive feedback to open a small business. As the business grew, Ehrlich’s basement kitchen soon became the company’s home after being remodeled, inspected and licensed by the state.

More than a year after its inception, Ahmazing Graze is as successful as ever. Its charcuterie boxes and grazing tables have also grown in size and grandeur. According to Ehrlich, the best part of the design process is thinking outside the box.

“The experience we gained over the course of a year helped us better navigate ideas for creating edible works of art,” she said. “Heather is a preschool teacher, so she’s always creative.”

Courtesy of Heather Heverly and Sarah Ehrlich

Heverly and Ehrlich source cheeses, meats, vegetables, and dips from inside and outside State College to create their “amazing” charcuterie boxes. They use local grocers and other specialty stores in the area, and may even get products from other states if they find something they like.

Accessibility, customer service, and family-friendly prices are what set this business apart. Each box includes everything from tongs and spreaders to ready-to-cut cheese. “All you need to do is pick it up and bring it to the event,” says Heverly.

“Our grazing crates are by no means a new concept, but they are fresh, beautiful and ready to use,” says Ehrlich.

“This is not just our business. We are focused on making people happy,” added Ehrlich. “We enjoy putting smiles on our customers’ faces at special and everyday events without breaking the bank.”

Heverly and Ehrlich are now working from their home kitchen and have two pickup locations. The Belle Mercantile in Bellefonte and Your Cigar Den in downtown State College.

“Our favorite part about owning a charcuterie business is looking at it as an opportunity to make someone’s day more special,” said the duo. It’s also a learning opportunity and the most exciting thing is to see your customer base grow.Also, what could be better than working with your best friend?”

To order from Ahhmazing Graze, please visit: websiteYou can also find Heverly and Ehrlich. Facebook When Instagram or, e-mail.

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