Steam launches a permanent Points Shop

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One of the things you can do in this year’s Steam Summer Sale is earn points that can be used to acquire digital items like animated stickers, backgrounds, and avatars. Initially it looked similar to systems employed in previous sales, like the Night Market in the most recent Lunar New Year Sale, but it’s actually a much bigger affair—and permanent, too.

Look who’s here

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There are a lot of animated stickers in the new Points Shop, but we like this one best. 

Rather than being limited to the Summer Sale, Steam’s new Points Shop will be live year-round, with points awarded at a rate of 100 per $1 spent (adjusted accordingly for exchange rates, so I only get 73 points for my dollar) on all purchases, including games, DLC, applications, soundtracks, and even hardware. Seasonal awards will be up for grabs—a “Summer Golden Profile” set is currently available—but the vast majority are game-specific items, like the Doom Eternal arachnotron animated sticker, or more generic stuff such as chat effects and profile backgrounds.

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