tax revenue up in New Philadelphia with business expansion

New Philadelphia – The city collected income tax revenue of $708,486.73 last year. Mayor Joel Day attributes it to the expansion of Battle Motors and other businesses in the city.

“When you get a bump like that and the number of jobs Battle adds, it should be a direct correlation,” he said. Not only have many small businesses added employees, so the cumulative effect is that it shows that not only the economy of New Philadelphia is growing, but the city as well, which is very encouraging. will be.”

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In 2022, Battle Motors completed additional work to expand the factory at 1951 Reiser Ave SE from 125,000 square feet to 325,000 square feet. Battle Motors has added his 220 employees in the past year and a half.

The company is a leader in the industrial truck industry, providing custom and purpose-built vehicles for the waste and recycling, infrastructure maintenance, ground support, multi-stop delivery, agriculture, oil and gas markets.

Additional tax revenue would allow New Philadelphia to upgrade the city’s water system, expand road pavement, replace equipment, improve parks, and more, Day said.

“With that kind of income, there are all sorts of improvements in city services that we can do,” the mayor said. “And, of course, paying people. We are competing with other employers in this town.

“The way I want to grow the city is not by raising taxes, but by expanding the tax base. That’s what’s happening here. We’re adding more jobs, and as a result, we’re attracting more jobs: payroll taxes and even more net income taxes.”

In the mayor’s report to the city council on Monday, Day also said:

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  • National retailer Petco is working through the permitting process to build a new store on Bluebell Drive NW in Menard’s north outlet. Construction is scheduled to begin this year.
  • Two other business development proposals are planned. A car wash at Menard’s South Outlet at 611 Bluebell Drive and a dental office at 175 Marketplace Commons South Wales behind Buffalo Wild Wings.
  • This week, the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency will begin a Phase 2 environmental survey at the site of the former Puritan Laundry on the east side of southwest Mill Avenue. This location was used to dispose of his cleaning fluids for Laundry Dry, which was closed after it burned down on August 30, 1985. Demolition of buildings on the west side of Mill Avenue should take place this month. The city awaits the report of the asbestos reduction study.
  • The Tuskawas County Transportation Improvement District Commission has completed interviews and will select consultants to study the redesign of Interstate 77 and US Route 250 interchanges in New Philadelphia. The findings will be used to apply for construction funding from the Ohio Department of Transportation and the Federal Department of Transportation.

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