Texas Republican Roger Williams defends giving Santos spot on small business committee

WASHINGTON — Social media swooped in after news this week that Republican New York Rep. George Santos spotlighted two committees, one focused on science and one focused on small businesses. It became brighter.

Santos has been accused of making false claims about his college education, work experience, and other qualifications.

As such, online critics enjoyed his commission duties, including under Texas Republican Rep. Roger Williams, the new chairman of the House Small Business Committee.

Much of the sarcasm cited imaginary credentials, such as NASA astronauts and self-made business titans.

“Republicans nominate George Santos, who founded Apple in his garage in 1976, to the House Small Business Committee,” he tweeted. Left-leaning commentator Brian Tyler Cohen“A True American Success Story”

Santos claimed to have earned a degree he didn’t have and listed Goldman Sachs and Citigroup on his resume, but both companies told The New York Times they have no record of Santos working there.

Many fellow Republicans, including several from New York, called for him to resign.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-California) said he would follow the voters who elected Santos.

Republicans face a simple but harsh political reality. With a very small majority, every vote matters a lot, and Santos represents a hotly contested area.

If he resigns, the Democrats will likely flip seats, further thinning the Republican majority.

Williams, R-Willow Park to take over as Chairman of the House Small Business Committee.

In an interview with CNN, Williams defended. Santos receives Commission spot On the same rationale employed by McCarthy.

“I don’t condone what he said or what he did. I don’t think anyone does. But that’s not my role,” Williams told the network. represents one million people.”

Santos did not receive the coveted place on a House committee considered A-list.

The Ways and Means Commission manages the federal government’s vast financial flows, and the Ways and Means Commission is responsible for creating tax laws and shaping US trade policy.

The Energy and Commerce Commission boasts broad jurisdiction covering everything from telecommunications to healthcare.

Republican leaders also shunned him from committees focused on sensitive national security issues.

Small businesses are widely seen as a relatively low-level challenge, but Williams said what his panel will do in this session is by focusing on outspoken proposals that Democrats will have a hard time opposing. We advertise jobs where you can

He said it would include cutting federal regulations to help small business owners thrive and strengthen the overall U.S. economy.

And part of the mission he’s identified for the panel is to push back against anti-capitalist rhetoric.

“We’re going to be a happy committee. We’re not going to be an angry committee,” Williams said. dallas morning news After securing the chairman.

But Santos’ addition could undermine the commission’s credibility when it comes to Republicans taking America’s small business concerns seriously.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked at a news conference Wednesday whether Santos should resign.

Jean-Pierre sought to use his position on the Small Business Committee to draw a contrast between House Republicans and the Biden administration on economic policy.

“If you look at the committees he has been assigned, it’s about Biden’s economic plan and about the announcement I made yesterday about small businesses,” Jean-Pierre said.

She cited figures that say 10 million small businesses have been created so far under the Biden administration.

“This is up to the Republican Congress to show what they think they owe the American people,” she said.

Williams prides himself on being a good fit to run the commission because of his decades of experience managing car dealerships and calves.

Williams told Axios this week that Santos will find ways to add value to the commission.

“I currently employ hundreds of people in Texas,” Williams said. “I’ve been through it all. This is not new to me.”

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