Texas Street Mural Celebrates Black History – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

A mural called Black Business Impact is painted on a building between Stop 6 and Meadowbrook neighborhoods in Fort Worth.

“I just started visualizing the design in my head,” said artist Armando Castellon. “I care about diversity, so I think this is just one of the murals where he touches on diversity.”

This mural covers the entire side wall of a building called Community Frontline on Jaeger Street. The building houses several Black-owned businesses and a non-profit organization that helps Black and Brown businesses network and succeed.

“We call it the Jaeger Experience,” said Dante Williams. “It’s important to really show the impact that black business and black economics have had on the city.”

The mural features black banker “Gooseneck” Bill McDonald and black hospital owner Dr. Ransom and his wife Ethel. It shows Amanda Davis, the first black landowner in 1886, and the black businesses that helped shape the neighborhood. The mural also depicts current black business owners.

“It was an afterthought,” Williams said. “It wasn’t a big deal.” “I felt this was a great way to really highlight some of the successes, the trailblazers and the people who really did so much for the city.”

“Start a conversation,” Castellon said. “It inspires the younger generation and motivates them to actually do something.”

Unity of all is one of the messages of the mural.

“If we work together and work together, we can really build communities and make them better,” Williams said.

The Community Frontline Mural will be unveiled at the celebration on February 25th.

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