These gorgeous waterblocks show the RTX 3080 is a GPU best served cold. And wet

If you’re packing a full water cooling loop in your machine, or are planning one before you get your hands on a new Nvidia GeForce RTX 30-series GPU, you’re going to want a water block that can handle the heat. Just now, Inno3D has announced the iChill Frostbite, an RGB waterblock for the new Ampere cards with a “radical approach” to its design.

Successor to the 20-series, the new iChill Frostbite water blocks (via TechPowerup) have had their components rejigged, and the thermal pad thickness reduced to just 1mm. The pure copper, nickel plated base plate which seals the heatsink has also been reduced to 5.5mm thick, and the flow of water around its translucent design has been optimised since the old block fit Nvidia’s 20-series cards.

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Inno3D's iChill Frostbite

(Image credit: Inno3D)
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Inno3D's iChill Frostbite

(Image credit: Inno3D)

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