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They started their first renovation while still in design school. It was a complete restoration of his 1930s house in nearby Coral Gables, and client confidence increased their confidence. However, they admit it was a huge learning curve.

“When we first set foot on the construction site, no one took us seriously,” says Perez. “But we kept at it. The contractors soon realized it was our design that the client was buying up. Slowly but surely we won their trust, which is really exciting.”

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Besides earning the trust of colleagues, contractors and vendors, designers are rapidly earning the respect of their clients.

“We feel very attached to our projects and our clients, and I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing,” Purrinos says. “We really care about what we do, which is also why we sometimes go out of scope. Our quintessential design sensibility sets us apart from the quintessential Miami design.”

Women never lose sight of the fact that an interior design project can be a huge investment. They believe that the most important thing is for people to do the right thing and build deep relationships. Then comes the referrals and the business.

For them, their relationship is never one-sided. That’s why Chase for Business is the perfect partner. “We all had personal bank accounts with Chase, so the decision was easy,” he says Purrinos. “Additionally, the accessibility of banks with ubiquitous presence and personal customer service is unparalleled.”

They’re always on the go, so designers appreciate being able to use their phone to get paid. Chase Business Complete Checking account. “When I’m having a conversation with a client at their home, I can collect payment right there and then, rather than having to go back and send an invoice and wait for payment,” he says. “The same goes for contractors on construction sites.”

looking ahead

In the spring of 2022, Obregón, Perez and Prinos officially completed their graduate degrees at Florida International University and already had two years of work experience (as designers).Aside from beautiful interiors, what do they want to create next? Their business credit chase ink® business credit card.

There is no doubt that these women of design continue to break down industry barriers, both literally and figuratively.

If you’re looking for financial tools to help build your business, Chase business banker today.

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