Valley dog grooming business opens after alleged abuse from previous owner

PHOENIX — From scandal to safe haven, the Valley dog ​​groomer is taking action to regain trust after taking over his former boss’s position.

Elizabeth Milo’s employer, owner of Critter Corral Pet Grooming, was recently accused of animal cruelty.

Located at 15612 N 32nd Street in Phoenix.

Milo has since opened Safe Haven Dog Grooming AZ in the same space where Critter Corral Pet Grooming used to be.

She says starting her new business isn’t just about treating animals with love and respect.

“Look at you, oh my god,” she said, greeting the client and her dog as they walked in.

Milo tells ABC15 that he couldn’t be happier.

“I’m so excited to show this to everyone,” she said with a smile.

Milo says previously when she worked in the space, clients weren’t allowed inside or to see the pets being groomed.

Now… “I’m very open. I want to be able to know exactly what’s going on with my dog,” she added.

Milo assures us that things are different here.

“It’s nasty. It’s terrible, and I don’t want to be associated with it,” Milo said.

It is abuse that she says she reported to the Arizona Humane Society, and the Arizona Humane Society has confirmed that it received those reports.

“Oh yeah, bite it. It’s a good boy,” Milo said as he bathed the puppy.

Milo says it’s time to regain the community’s trust through action.

Among her first clients is Alex Perez.

“My man is happy, he’s fluffy and he looks great. I love that it’s an open space. I’m really happy with my new ownership of the space.”

“This place is called Safe Shelter Dog Grooming because we built it to be a safe haven for animals and dogs that have had negative experiences with grooming in the past,” Milo added. rice field.

Milo says she wanted to have her own grooming business from an early age.

“This is definitely a dream come true,” she said.

Her wished dreams help heal dogs who have experienced trauma (grooming).

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