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Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint was born from the dream of two childhood best friends, Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin. When Ludwig and Sabin were growing up, they often talked about opening their own bar one day.

Fast-forward to Ludwig, who ran a ski and snowboard shop in Harrisonburg, Virginia, for 15 years, and Sabin, who worked in the restaurant industry for 20 years in South Beach, Miami. In 2008, the two decided to explore their own venture and opened their first store in Harrisonburg in 2009.

The menu is “deliberately simple” and Jack Brown’s doesn’t try to satisfy every tastebud.

Burgers, for example, do not come with lettuce and tomato, but boast uniqueness in other dressings and different styles of craft beer from around the world.

According to its website, “Aaron and Mike designed a bar they’d love to hang out in. They grew up drinking buddies, so it wasn’t too difficult a task.”

Jack Brown’s has another location in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Greenville store at 19 Augusta Street, Suite H is the 16th to open, and Jack Brown’s’ decision to step into the community’s renowned ‘gourmet scene’ was neither a hasty decision nor an easy feat. .

When the founders decided to open in Greenville, it was the city at the top of their list more than a decade ago, says Samantha Sweet, general manager of Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint. I was.

“Unfortunately, the deal didn’t go through at that point and we moved on to other things, but now the idea has come full circle,” Sweet added. “It was a meaningful experience for the founders. This is a foodie scene and people here appreciate good food. “

Sweet says the most unique thing about the restaurant is that it’s kept simple.

Jack Brown’s burgers are made with 100% American Wagyu beef sourced from Snake River Farms, a family-owned business in Boise, Idaho. Sweet says he only uses this one distributor for his beef, resulting in a rich, flavorful farm-to-table experience.

“We do very well with a small limited menu and the quality of our ingredients is unmatched,” she added. Because every burger is handcrafted and has a unique flavor profile.”

The beer and burger joint officially opened on Monday and has been particularly “a huge success,” Sweet said.

“It was jam-packed and we had to wait almost all day,” she added. “It was the first day of the big opening.”

In these difficult economic times, especially in the post-pandemic restaurant industry, Sweet said what sets them apart is their ability to adapt and stay true to their mission.

“We won’t stay the same because that’s what we’ve always done,” she said. “We have adjusted our service and are still struggling with product shortages, but instead are making from scratch and creating our own authentic organic options that do not compromise the quality of our food. We accept it and do what is necessary to achieve our goals.”

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