West Pasco Business Association aims to bring community together

The Trinity community is extremely connected and full of people who want to give back.

The West Pasco Businesses Association is a local non-profit organization that helps connect businesses and communities.

Maria Johnson of West Pasco Business Association said: They can go out into the community and do the same for others. That’s what’s so important to us as an organization. ”

“The West Pasco Business Association started a few years ago as a networking group, like many other networking groups, etc. And we have launched some of these events and have been working to support all businesses properly. We started giving back to the community, where our membership started to grow and people wanted to be part of us because of what we do. We are 501c3 because we are different from other network groups.” WPBA.

This community is home for this organization and it is very important to see it succeed.

“I grew up in West Pasco, and this area we’re standing in didn’t even exist. It was all farmland. This was a cattle ranch. 54 was a one-lane road. It’s now a parking lot.It’s grown so much over the years.So it’s amazing.And all the new construction is still going on in this area.So this whole area is booming right now.

We hold two major events each year to raise funds for the local community.

Bowling for Boobs and How the Grinch Saved Christmas helps people with cancer or those who can’t afford Christmas.

“I think Trinity means three sectors in one. And yes, the word unity here. This town. People are like, oh, what is Trinity? Trinity explains Horvath.

If you would like to participate, click here for details.

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