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Charleston — Four counties in the region topped the West Virginia Secretary of State’s New Business Growth Chart for December.

According to Secretary of State Mack Warner, Dodridge County was second only to Lincoln County for the month when the number of existing businesses on December 1 compared to the number of new business registrations in December. The state said he reported 784 new business registrations in December.

Of the 259 businesses registered on December 1st, Dodridge County had 4 businesses registered, representing 1.54% of the businesses. Lincoln County has eight businesses registered, an increase of 1.93%.

Wirt County ranked seventh with an increase of 1.14%. Jackson County climbed 1.1% to rank ninth. Pleasants County ranked 11th, up 1.09%.

Wood County ranked 35th with 27 new businesses. Wood County’s increase was 0.66 percent, compared with 4,115 existing businesses on Dec. 1.

Here are the results (number of projects started) in other counties in the region: Tyler (307), an increase of 0.65%. Roane (631), up 0.63%. Calhoun (222), an increase of 0.45%. Richie (492), up 0.41%. Wetzel (551), an increase of 0.36%. Gilmer (315), up 0.32%.

The top five Lincoln and Dodridge counties also included Pendleton, Logan and Jefferson counties.

The top counties in terms of total number of companies registered in December were Kanawha with 95, Berkeley with 70, Jefferson and Monongalia with 47 each, and Harrison with 44.

Statewide, 12,714 new businesses were registered between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. During this period, Summers County led all counties with her 23.79% growth rate.

In the region, Gilmer County had the eighth-highest growth rate in the state with 16.19, followed by Pleasant’s 15th with 15.54. Jackson, 14.47, 21st. Calhoun, 13.79, 29th; Roan, 13.09, 42nd. Wood, 12.69, 44th. Wetzel, 12.28, 47th. Tyler, 11.23, 51st. Richie, 10.54, 53rd. Dodridge, 10.48, 54th. and Wirt, 7.74, 55th.

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