‘When they win, we win”: Downtown businesses beam due to Kings’ success

Sacramento — When the Sacramento Kings win, so does business in downtown Sacramento. Leisure spending in Sacramento more than doubled from 2019 to 2022. This shows the success of the team and the number of events through the Golden 1 Center.

Fans flooded the Downtown Commons on the first Friday of a weekend of back-to-back game days ahead of the Kings’ matchup against the Oklahoma City Thunder. and had a drink at Fizz.

According to Fizz’s manager, the energy of ‘light the beam’ is transformed into business. He said fans had bartenders create “The Beam,” an alcoholic drink that changes color to match the purple light that shoots into the sky when the Kings win. .Customers can order a dark purple drink when the drink arrives and watch the lemon juice turn the butterfly pea tea used in the drink a brighter purple color.When the Kings win, the champagne is released. Toppings and drinks he gets $2 off.

Fans filled the bar and outdoor tables on Friday and it’s newly launched this week.

“When the Kings win, we win,” said Fizz manager Kathleen Galster.

She said the business they’ve seen has seen steady growth since Kings season began.

This figure is in line with the experience Fiz shared. Downtown leisure spending more than doubled from December 2019 to December 2022, according to the economic development director of the Downtown Sacramento Partnership.

Prior to the pandemic, the busy, busy downtown area was work-related Monday through Friday, but now the busiest times for DOCO and the surrounding area are on weekends. This change led to more events as well as success for the Kings.

Economic Development Director Scott Ford said, “This has certainly translated to a business level, and we’re seeing some restaurants on K Street offering Beam-themed drinks…it’s really exciting.

The energy around downtown Sacramento is what the Downtown Sacramento Partnership hopes will foster future development. According to Ford, following its recent on-court success, companies and developers are hoping for off-court success for their Sacramento business. He said proposals are coming for new developments that can be traced to increased leisure spending.

“You hear the beam of light chant, which makes us all very proud to be from Sacramento,” Ford said.

Sacramento is currently the only NBA city ineligible to host an All-Star weekend because it doesn’t meet hotel room count standards within a given area. It’s the next goal we aim to achieve and continue the excitement of the NBA and the Kings at the “All-Star” level.

Friday night the chants rang out Kings beat OKC ThunderIt is clear that the energy of ‘Light the Beam’ is taking hold.

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