Who Do You Trust: Government Or Business? [Infographic]

Should the business world be a force for good in the world and protected from overzealous governments? Are they? The latest edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer reveals countries where people tend to believe one or the other.

A survey conducted in late 2022 found that South Africans were more likely than any other of the 28 countries included to value business over government. This is due to the fact that trust in government is very low in this country. The country has recently seen its fair share of corruption scandals, which some have even described as ‘capture of the state’. was 22%. This gave the survey the highest net corporate trust score of 40%, despite the country’s average trust in business of 62%.

Mexico, on the other hand, achieves a high score in net business trust, with below-average trust in government and high trust in business. In 2022, trust in business in this country will be 24% higher than trust in government.

The countries surveyed with the lowest trust in government were Argentina and Nigeria, which resulted in the second and third highest net trust in business, as were Japan, the United Kingdom and Spain. The US scored near average on both indicators, but business achieved her 13% net plus score, with confidence in government lagging slightly behind.

Oppressive = trustworthy?

Countries that scored most equally for trust in government and trust in business tended to be very neutral on both. These locations included not only Germany and Sweden, but also Canada and France.

On the other hand, countries where trust in government prevailed generally tended to trust both communities. This is the case in China, where business trust is 84% ​​and government trust is 89%. In Saudi Arabia, these figures are 73% and 83%, bringing the net trust in the government to 10%. Other countries where often repressive governments have won the trust of their citizens were Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.

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