Winchester business owners disagree after city commission approves new marketing position

Business owner says position money would be better spent on first responder salaries and capital improvements

Winchester, Kentucky (WTVQ) – Chad Walker and his wife own the Engine House Pizza and Pub in downtown Winchester.
Walker is among a group of business owners who are voting against after the city board voted to approve changing the city’s Open Main Street Director position to Marketing and Events Coordinator.

Winchester pulled out of the Kentucky Main Street Program earlier this year, according to city leaders.
The Commissioner approved the transition in a 3-1 vote, with one member abstaining from the vote.

“That’s a position the city can take. We’re trying to help downtown, but in the end, $50,000 just goes to people, not downtown who’s supposed to benefit,” Walker said. increase.

The salary for the proposed position is $50,000, according to city leaders. So far, no one has been hired for the position.

But business owners say they can put their money to better use because they’ve already put their money on the market and budgeted to promote their business. It is used for the salaries of responders and hopes to improve downtown’s infrastructure.

Adam Kidd, COO of Dam Holdings, LLC, said:

Some are in favor of change.

“We do a lot of things, so we need someone to be the conduit that helps bring us all together. Our community makes sure that everyone knows what they are doing. We need a communicator who can play a central role in helping us,” said Winchester First Board Member Peggy McAllister.

Others say they spent their money and time as volunteers coordinating events without holding a position. But those volunteers are too busy to work full time.

“I know I am one of many people who have tried to volunteer. says the owner.

Business owners filed a petition containing about 300 signatures from people they said opposed to the change, but said it had been ignored. We want to ensure that downtown continues to grow and improve.

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